Let Your Garden Grow – Landscaping and Gardening at a Glance

The right landscaping can take an ordinary house and make it pop.  The same goes for gardens and flowers – surround yourself with beautiful plants and flowers and you’ll have a great view from anywhere in your home.  Here are a few ideas and thoughts when it comes to all things green.   To Hire [...]

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Four Things to Consider Before Starting Your Landscaping Project

Whether you hold the belief that the home is for free expression or good impressions, landscaping is an opportunity to exercise both your own self expression and create a lasting impression. For those just entering the sphere of landscaping, though, there are multiple facets through which to start from, with just a few listed below. [...]

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Beginner Container Gardening Mistakes

Container gardens are perfect for apartment dwellers or city living! They seem low key, simple, and easy to care for in the windowsill of your kitchen. But there are common mistakes beginners make when starting their first container gardens. Wrong Container Size Succulents in a teacup are such a cute trend right now. But they’re [...]

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Contract Or DIY

Upgrades for your home can be easily done! All information is available now online, but of course, watching a professional complete a job looks easy- until you find yourself knee deep in a project and overwhelmed. Your skill level and your persistence to a high-quality job may save you more money in the long run, [...]

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How To Start Your First Container Garden

Have you always wished you had a green thumb? Speaking as someone who has killed a cactus  (the most low-maintenance of plants!) container gardens are the easiest of beginner steps for gardening. You only need four things: a container, plants, soil, and water! Apartment dwellers and those who rent can still garden with container gardening! [...]

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