Here at Home Sweet Homeowner, we believe that you don’t have to have a fortune to have a beautiful home! We provide valuable articles with step-by-step instructions on many DIY projects. Everything from installing your own ceiling fan to replacing an old kitchen sink.

Do It Yourself

Before you spend your hard earned money hiring that contractor, check out our DIY tutorials to learn how to do it yourself. With the money you save you can buy that Persian rug that would look fabulous in your living room!

Bo Bennett

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

Designer Home DIY

You have your dream Pinterest board with all the designer looks for your home.  From designer decorations, to fancy wallpaper and everything in between, if you won the lottery tomorrow, you know exactly how you’d decorate your fantasy home.  You can make those dreams a reality with a little creativity, imagination and some good DIY.  [...]

Staging to Sell

If your well-priced house has been on the market for a bit and you’re not getting any serious bites, it may be your home’s staging that’s the problem. It’s a good idea to execute a plan to make your abode look more appealing to buyers. Here are some tips and tricks to getting started. What [...]

Winterizing Outside

Winter is in full swing. Snow days and snuggling up with a mug of hot cocoa can be delightful, but outside your home may need some special attention to combat any damage the cold can do. Disconnect that Hose It’s easy to forget about your water hose and outdoor spigots once the cold weather has [...]

Tips for House Staging

You’re ready to put your home sweet home on the market.  The best way to sell a house is through presentation and selling a space for your next homeowners where they can imagine themselves living.  Your potential buyers don’t want to work hard to see their new lives within your four walls, you need to [...]

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