Landscaping can be a big project and an even bigger undertaking with a large price tag.  Don’t get overwhelmed in planning or budgeting for the lawn of your dreams.  There’s an easier way to obtain your ideal look without breaking your bank or your sanity in the process.  Here are a few ways to landscape on a dime.


Rate in Order of Importance

Figure out what is the ultimate goal of your new landscaping.  Do you want easy maintenance for a polished consistent look?  Is there a certain trend or look you are in love with right now?  Decide what is important to you and place your focus there.  It will be easier to communicate your overall vision with someone else or a landscaping company using terms like these to stay on the same page.  You can also decide what you feel comfortable taking on versus what you might need to outsource to the professionals.


Level of Expertise

There are a lot of DIY garden and landscaping ideas out there.  It’s relatively easy to achieve your dream look without spending too much.  Understand that depending on what you are looking for, you might need to budget for outside help.  Make a list of the different elements that make up your vision – stonework, shrubbery, mulch, etc., and decide what is in your potential wheelhouse and what you might need a little extra help with.  Be sure to get multiple quotes with different companies to make sure you are getting the best price.  Never feel awkward about sharing the quotes you’ve received from other companies – make them fight for your business.  Keeping it all in budget is the goal, so leave a little wiggle room for some professional help.


Ask Your Neighbors

Look around at the landscaping in your area and find out what your neighbors did to achieve their looks.  It’s a great place to start when shopping around for a professional.  Also, you might get lucky and neighbors may be getting rid of plants and flowers they don’t want anymore.  You could have your whole yard landscaped by free plants if you play your cards right.  If you have an online group board where you can post, ask around and see if anyone is getting rid of anything – it might surprise you.


Finishing Touches

Sometimes the best way to finish a project under budget is to DIY – especially little finishing touches.  Recycled flowerpots that you repaint to match your color scheme, garden ornaments that make you smile – these are all elements that will not only make your space unique, but make you smile every time you see them.  This is another great place to save a ton of money by looking around on online marketplaces and stores like Home Goods to put your personal stamp on your project


Landscaping doesn’t have to be a huge headache – it’s an easy place for DIY opportunities and cutting corners to make it all come together.  Try a few of these ideas to see if you can have the yard of your dreams on a dime.