We all have the one tree in our yard that we’re not super sold on. Whether to murder your shady friend or let it live another spring can be a hard decision for some of us. This list of things to consider may help you come to an informed decision about your foliage.



Has your tree seen better days? Unfortunately, there are many things that can leave our leafy guys feeling puny. All across the US emerald ash borer beetles are causing ash trees to die off. There are also natural disasters like lightening strikes, flooding, droughts, and fungus that can put trees on life support. Sick trees cause damage to property and as a Kent State study found, also to life, so maintaining healthy trees is paramount.



The good news is, you can get a free estimate to figure out the cost of getting a tree cut down if you need the help of a professional. The price you pay will depend on the height and type of tree, and it can get costly. Stump grinding and debris removal will be extra. If you live in a residential area, removing a tree yourself isn’t advisable. Make sure whoever you employ has the licensing and credentials your state requires. Good things to look for on a business card or website is that they’re an arborist and have insurance paperwork that they’re willing to produce for inspection.


Shade Advantages

Does the tree in question provide your home with so much shelter from the sun that removing it is going to make a big impact on your electric bill in the summer? If so, you may want to slow your roll about having it removed. This article at TreeRemoval explains, “Strategic placement of the trees is necessary in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit. This means planting trees on the northwest, west, and south sides of the home in a location that blocks the windows. To reduce any blocking of the view, one may choose to prune the lowest branches of the trees as this will not affect its ability to block the sun’s rays.”



Is your tree’s foliage causing you a hassle like constantly dropping spikey sweet gum balls? Is the root structure damaging your sidewalk? No one wants to have to sweep their patio of debris twice a day for several months out of the year nor keep patching the concrete. If your tree, has you annoyed on the daily, it may be time to send it to greenery heaven. Just try to replant something size appropriate, less messy, and native to your region.


Consult with an expert

If you’re still on the fence about your tree, ask a professional, such as an arborist or tree surgeon, if cutting it back is better than completely removing it.


Trees are a beautiful part of landscaping, but they can also become a problem if they aren’t up to snuff with the rest of your lawn.