Upgrades for your home can be easily done! All information is available now online, but of course, watching a professional complete a job looks easy- until you find yourself knee deep in a project and overwhelmed. Your skill level and your persistence to a high-quality job may save you more money in the long run, but it could also take longer. Let’s discuss what jobs may be worth doing yourself and which are best left to the professionals!



Paint is always an easy upgrade and gives such a good return on your investment! For a few hundred dollars you can easily change the whole look of your home, inside and out. If you are painting the outside, definitely invest in a paint sprayer. If may not be worth it for you to purchase the sprayer, in which case contract out. But paint is the easiest job for people to do. The inside is a meticulous work, but with the right product and enough time, you can easily paint your home on your own and save a dime. Repainting a front door is an easy way to boost curb appeal!


Flooring may be the next simplest thing to do yourself. Read here for five do it yourself flooring options. Some need special tools, but some only require basic tools that most people have on hand.



If you excel at wood projects, and are ready for a challenge, building your own deck, patio, or pergola is manageable. You simply need all the right tools, friends to help you with labor in building, and the plans to cut and piece together your wood properly. If this seems daunting, contract it out!


Another intermediate level project, instructions to pour your own concrete patio or slab can be found here. It says the project takes three hours, but I would assume they are professionals and it would take an entire day. Just be kind to yourself, this isn’t your everyday job. You can’t be great at everything!


Sprinkler systems can be a little confusing. There are irrigation valves, wires, and backflows to figure out. If you are ready to learn to lay it down and maintain it, start here. If those terms were already over your head, contract it out.



Unless you have background knowledge to start with, there is a lot to learn for electrical. The potential issues that could arise from your attempts are too great and you could be creating more problems than you solve. Without personal experience, hire a professional for your electrical needs.

Know your skillset. If you excel at wood projects, and are ready for a challenge, start with building your own deck or pergola. There are different projects for every level. Embrace what you are good at, and know where you can let others shine. If you are great at decorating a space but not so great at laying down concrete- contract it out! Have no shame in your contracting game!

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