Taking care of your lawn and yard is so much more than mowing the grass every couple weeks.  It can get overwhelming and expensive quickly if you let it get out of hand.  The best defense against your lawn is a good offense.  It can be a lot to take care of and worry about, but hopefully this guide will help take the stress away and make your lawn maintenance a breeze.


Set a Schedule

Come up with a set schedule you stick with to take care of all the tasks in a manageable way.  One week you can mow the lawn, the next week you can take care of weeds and pests, the following week can be flower and shrub maintenance.  By breaking it down into smaller tasks, they are more likely to get done thoroughly.  Just like you make time to work out or do laundry, lawn care is just one of those things that needs to have time set aside for it.


The Right Tools for the Job

Most of the time lawn maintenance can be easy with the right tools.  Make sure you do a little investing at the start to have everything you need for your lawn.  If you are on a budget and looking for something a little more cost conscious, talk to your neighbors and see if you can split the tool inventory.  You can purchase some of the tools and equipment, while your neighbor purchases others.  It’s a simple way to get all the coolest tools for a fraction of the price.  If you get lucky you can have the whole block get in on the action for the ultimate tool shed.


Outside Help

Don’t be afraid of getting a little outside help, especially if you had your lawn professionally landscaped and you are maintaining it.  You can schedule a little lawn tune up every few months to let the professionals take a whack at it while you maintain the months in between.  The important thing is to not let your landscaping get too overgrown – it will be a bigger and more expensive project to fix later down the line.  Better to keep it under control and spend a little more time and money in the moment than taking on a bigger ordeal later.


Less is More

If you are new to home ownership/lawn care and landscaping, less to take care of is always better.  When starting out, think of plants and elements that are low maintenance and can survive on their own without too much effort.  You can work with a landscaping company to get you all set up with something fairly simple to upkeep.  You can gradually take on more once you’ve proven yourself and your green thumb.


Upkeeping your lawn and landscaping might be overwhelming for some, but if you set yourself up for success from the beginning, you’ll have a better chance of making it out on the other side with a beautiful yard to show for it.