The right landscaping can take an ordinary house and make it pop.  The same goes for gardens and flowers – surround yourself with beautiful plants and flowers and you’ll have a great view from anywhere in your home.  Here are a few ideas and thoughts when it comes to all things green.


To Hire or Not to Hire?

Knowing your limitations or lack of green thumb is your first place to start.  Do you enjoy nurturing and watching things grow?  Or are you someone who wants to see instant results?  These will be important questions when deciding whether to hire someone to give you the green spaces of your dreams or tackle a forest by yourself.  If you don’t know what you are doing, or don’t feel like committing the time to learn, you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration to consult a professional.  You can hire someone to just do the designing aspect, or go for a full service that will design, install and maintain your areas.


Gardening for Fun or Function?

What do you want from a garden?  Are you looking to plant beautiful flowers that will be stunning to look at or do you want to build a garden for food and nutrition?  Both are great options, or you can have best of both worlds.  Just make sure to map out where everything will go and if you have enough space to accommodate your ideas.  Head to your local nursery and consult with a specialist there – they will get you on your way to a yummy all home-grown salad in no time.


Trees, Bushes and Shrubs – Oh My!

When it comes to bigger items, consult your local jurisdiction or Homeowners Association, there may be limitations on bigger plants and landscaping.  So, before you have your Edward Scissorhands topiary sculptures brought in or created, check to make sure you are allowed to have them.  Some fruit trees are not allowed in certain counties or may require certain pest control measures.


Make Research Your Friend

Always start with some research and list what are your reasons for landscaping.  This will help you prioritize and keep your goals in front of you.  Starting a project like landscaping and gardening can be an undertaking and will seem overwhelming if you don’t take it little by little.  Know which flowers and plants will survive in your climate.  You want plants that are low maintenance if you are planning on up keeping your own green space.  Utilize as much research as you can, and you’ll be happier in the long run.


Plants and flowers might be the perfect thing missing from your home and can be very fulfilling and rewarding.  Make sure you are keeping it as something that brings you joy and not something that adds to homeowning frustrations.  There are plenty of ways to make your green spaces lovely additions to your home life.