Summer is a time of fun. But there are some things that we need to do whether we like it or not. Our yards do not take a vacation like we like to. We need to spend a little time cleaning and maintaining them. We don’t want to walk outside just to run back in because of the condition. A yard should be an addition to our home, not something to look past. Set aside time to make it how it should be, so you can return to enjoying the sun.


Wash Wash Wash 

After the fall and winter storms, spring and summer are when you need to wash it off from the top down. Washing is not just for the inside of your home. The dust and grim stick to all parts of the house, especially outside. A good power wash from top to bottom all around your home is what you need. Then get in good and get the dirt stuck to the outside of your windows. Seeing through clean windows will give you a whole new view. Any porches should also get a good scrub, along with any furniture you keep. It will be so much more inviting once it shines.


Whether you have trees or not someone all yards get filled with dead leaves from them. It’s time to get them all gathered up and looking fresh. This can be difficult if you have rocks in your yard. They seem stuck in all the tiniest cracks and hard to get out. It might be worth investing in a leaf blower to help with the chore. There are many leaf blowers on the market to look at and an extensive price range to choose from. They can be handy for cleaning out rocks and many other things. It can also be a quick way to get rid of any dust.


Animal Clean Up 

When it is cold outside, it can be more challenging for us to get out and get the typical animal clean-up needed. It may take a bit to get on top of it once again as the days get warmer. Not only is there poop to scoop they are also making other messes that need taking care of. Digging and destroying can be other hobbies that need to be rectified. If you start a habit of getting out early a few times a week, it will keep it manageable and not a dreaded chore.



Lawn care can vary now with the fake grass that is possible. Whatever upkeep is needed, don’t let it wait. The summer heat can be damaging to a lawn not prepared. Even grass that does not grow needs to be cleaned and maintained. Get the right tools for the job. A chore is always more accessible with the right equipment. Get what you need to keep your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.


Get your yard in shape for the sunny months.