Looking for a new hobby?  Look no further than your own home.  You can take on easy projects that feel more like a fun hobby and less like a grueling task.  You can make easy improvements to your home and fill up some time all in one shot.  Everyone wins in this scenario, you get some nice relaxation and recharge time, your home looks more beautiful for it.  Here are a couple ideas to get the ball rolling on your new hobby skillset.


Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening is a favorite hobby of many because it’s relaxing and rewarding.  You get some nice alone time working the land and you get to reap the benefits of a beautiful landscape for your home.  Put on your favorite music or a podcast and enjoy getting your hands in the earth.  You can change out the flowers seasonally or take on a bigger project with a whole backyard oasis.  The possibilities and commitment levels are endless, and you’ll see nothing but amazing results.


Interior Decorating

Who doesn’t love decorating?  Whether you choose to add some flair for the holidays or take over a room-by-room extravaganza, this new hobby has many facets.  Enjoy finding and curating décor from stores or antiques markets and then deciding how they are all going to come together.  You can involve others on your journey or spend some solo time.  You can even incorporate crafting items yourself getting some inspiration from Pinterest.

home hobby 2

Geek Squad

If you are into electronics and all things nerdy, revamp your home by taking things into the new age.  Buy some Hue smart light bulbs and color coordinate rooms for different seasons or scenarios.  You can set the mood perfectly for movie night or have the spookiest house on Halloween.  Make your house a smart house with technology – you’ll feel like you are living in the Space Age.



Nothing changes a space than a fresh coat of paint.  Take the stress out of painting by turning it into a hobby rather than a chore.  Instead of rushing through to finish in one day, allow yourself time to appreciate the process.  Listen to an audiobook and let the world melt away with soothing brush strokes.  With time you can even add fancy trim work or accents to really put your stamp on your home.  Painting can be relaxing and enjoyable if you have the right mindset.  Too often people are expecting a room to be done in an hour.  By making it a fun hobby, it will become a more gratifying experience.

home hobby 3

Organizing Oracle

Every room could use some more organization and it’s time to turn it into a hobby to maximize your efforts.  Treat yourself at The Container Store to some new organization tools.  From closet organization to pantry solutions, there really is no end to how organized your home can be.  You’ll love transforming room by room into a dream.


There are so many hobbies just sitting around your home.  Take some time to figure out what you’d like to do and your house will thank you for it in return.