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Have some projects that need to be done around your house? Home Sweet Homeowner can help guide you with everything from where to start to who to hire and what questions to ask. We have all the resources to help you get the job done!

Improving Your Home

Home improvement projects can be overwhelming. Here at Home Sweet Homeowner we try to provide you with all the resources to get any job done, big or small, and feel confident while doing it.

Nelson Mandela

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Poolside Landscaping

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard pool, you may find yourself struggling to landscape in a way that is both functional and beautiful. Making your backyard the relaxing retreat you’ve always wanted is easy if you find the right mix of pavement and plant life.   Grass If you’re super into your yard [...]

To Keep the Tree

5 We all have the one tree in our yard that we're not super sold on. Whether to murder your shady friend or let it live another spring can be a hard decision for some of us. This list of things to consider may help you come to an informed decision about your foliage.   [...]

Perfect Lighting

You may find that the lighting in your house has grown stale and out of style. You can only replace the bulbs so many times before it begins to feel like maybe you need to make a bigger change. Throw out that red fur drum-on-a-chain lamp and follow me to the lighting aisle.   Tree [...]

Hardwood Flooring

Some people like carpet and all the dust that gets trapped in it, but if you’re not one of those weirdos, you may be considering having wood flooring installed in your abode. Let’s explore the pros and cons.   Cost Okay, so hardwood flooring is initially a big investment. Currently, it can cost anywhere between [...]

The Look for Less

We all love looking through interior design magazines and watching home renovation shows, getting inspiration for our own versions of home sweet home.  While we don’t all have the budget of a big tv or magazine production, there are ways to achieve the same look for way less in your life.  Here are a few [...]

Shelves of Personality

Decorating your home should be a fun experience that showcases your interests and loves.  No one likes walking into a ‘model home’ looking house without personality.  It looks nice but isn’t a unique experience that is memorable for you or your guests.  A great way to display what makes you tick is shelving or a [...]

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