Yearly Summer Chores to Upkeep Your Home

Every day there seem to be chores that we need to get done around our home. Many things cannot wait weeks and months between cleanings. And then there are the jobs that do not need to be as often, those that can wait. Some require only to be put on the list when the season [...]

Yearly Summer Chores to Upkeep Your Home2022-05-05T20:14:51+00:00

What to Home Inspections Cover?

When buying a home, it’s common practice to get an inspection done before you move forward with purchasing the property. This is done to ensure that any hidden issues can be uncovered before they become the responsibility of the new owner. But what do these inspections actually cover? Here’s a list of some of the [...]

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Is A Rental Property A Good Investment?

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing an income property, keep reading! Here are a couple reasons why owning a rental property is a good investment. Inflation Protection Purchasing real estate is one of the best ways to protect your investment portfolio against inflation. An article written by Jeff Rohde for explains, “Rental property also [...]

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Is the Housing Frenzy Over?

The real estate market has been red hot throughout the last couple years. With home prices skyrocketing and record breaking sales, buying a home felt impossible for many buyers. Is this housing frenzy expected to continue or are things leveling out? Here’s what we know. Price Deceleration There are multiple factors that explain why price [...]

Is the Housing Frenzy Over?2022-04-14T20:06:16+00:00

Money Shouldn’t Be Wasted on Utilities

Living out from under your parent's roof means a lifetime of worrying how big the utility bills will be each month. As the season change, we know the pattern and what to expect. But it still hurts each time we open a bill, and it is more significant than expected. Our hard-earned money should be [...]

Money Shouldn’t Be Wasted on Utilities2022-03-07T00:20:26+00:00

6 Cool Features to Build in your Backyard

It’s cold now, but it’s never too early to start dreaming up landscaping projects. Here are a couple ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing. When spring comes, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. Fire Pit Every outdoor space needs a fire pit. A place you can sit in both cool [...]

6 Cool Features to Build in your Backyard2022-02-15T23:23:10+00:00
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