Finding a contractor can take time and effort, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner used to apartment living. All you have to do is call maintenance, no hassle. You want your home to be perfect, but the reality is you might run into repair issues. The thought of going through trial and error with someone could be daunting. You can take steps to prevent wasting money and experiencing a home repair horror story. Let’s go over the top 3 things you can do to find a great contractor for your home repair needs.


Utilize Google Reviews

Google reviews can be resourceful and provide honesty when looking for a contractor. Rule of thumb no one or anything can be perfect, so if it seems too good to be true, then it is. Assess what is important to you from a contractor and what are your major red flags. Say customer service is your priority. Search within the review regarding customer service from that particular contractor. If you see too many bad reviews on their customer service, that is a sign to move on. Also, be aware of constant good reviews; remember, no one is perfect. Some businesses or contractors pay for good reviews. Look through other sites and see if reviews correspond to what you see on Google. Doing this research will save you time and money in the long run.


Go to a Local Home Improvement Shop

Visit a Home Depot or your local mom or pops improvement shop and ask the reps if they know of any contractors that can help. Asking around can be a hit or miss, but you’ll be surprised who can help. Ask for the contractor’s card or website when you find a lead. Please do not accept anyone’s word for it or hire a random person you saw at the store. Your safety is essential. Research the person and make sure they’re legit.


Ask Your Neighbors

Asking around in stores can feel uncomfortable sometimes, but asking your neighbors is more convenient and a guaranteed lead. Find a neighbor’s home that inspires you; if you love how their home looks. Based on your observation, this will confirm that their contractor recommendation will be good. But, still, keep in mind to do your research on the recommendation to make sure the contractor meets your needs.


Remember, don’t give up looking and resort to doing it yourself. You are better off investing the time in finding the right person than creating a more extensive job for your home. Contractors are vital because of their training; you feel guilt-free if something goes wrong from your own doing. Take your time, do the research, and pay for a professional.