There is a reason that we do not see homes changing color that many times. It is a huge undertaking. There is so much that goes into painting your house. It is made a little easier if you choose to hire parts of the job out. The cheaper route is doing as much of it as possible yourself. With either option, there are things to think about and decide.



Think long and hard about what colors you want to use. After going through all the steps of changing them, you will not want to do it again soon. Do your research on the color combinations that you are considering. Head to the internet to see how they look on a home like yours. It is important that you are looking at homes similar to your style. For example, an adobe-style house would not look good in the same colors as a ranch-style home. Check and double-check yourself before going out and purchasing the paint that you need.



The next step is to clean. And cleaning is more than just spraying it down with a hose. Anything stuck to the house will be covered and added to the texture. This can be done with a garden hose and a good scrub brush. A faster option would be to rent or borrow and pressure washer. This will get the layers of dirt that build up off of our homes. Then you only have to go through with a scrub brush on the areas that are a little worse off.




Even after taking the time to focus on the colors and your choice, there is still a need to test them out. Before painting the whole thing, do a small section to triple check it is the right color for you. Testing the paint is not only about it being the right color. There is also a need to try to make sure the paint does well on the exterior materials your house is made of. If it doesn’t go on well, you will have wasted a lot of money. Taking a sample before getting all the buckets is always the best way when dealing with paint.


When you choose to do all the steps is just as necessary as doing them. Cleaning the whole exterior of your home is going to take time. All that time will be wasted and need to be redone if you wait too long to get the new paint on. Before you start the scrubbing, have your samples ready to go. After you have given the samples enough time, get the painting going. This can be even trickier if you are hiring out the jobs. Another thing to consider is the weather. If you live in an area with a stormy season, you may want to avoid the process at that time of year.


Painting your house is as easy as you make, as long as you follow the process.