Every room in your home could benefit from a bookshelf. Having a place to store your items, not just books, is a concern that all have. You want easy access to somethings without them in boxes or piled on the floor. Shelves are the obvious answer. Do a simple search, and you will see the cost of bookshelves seems to continue to climb for something sturdy and fashionable. Instead of hiring someone to build a work of art to store your belongings, make one yourself. It will be cheaper and even more unique because you can put your one personal spin on it.

Old Drawers

The best way to DIY is to recycle something for a new purpose. Do you have an old dresser lying around? If not, they are easy to find at garage sales or local for-sale sites. Sunlit Spaces has a fresh idea of using the drawers to create a bookshelf. First, paint them and decorate them in colors that you like. Then, take them and secure them to each other in a way that you find appealing. This will create something special with the different shapes and sizes of drawers. The base of the dresser could also be used as a low to the ground bookshelf. Cut boards to fit the holes left when you remove the drawers. And then all you must do is stain it or give it a new coat of paint. An old dresser could end up being two bookshelves for your space.


Crates of all sizes can be found at any local craft store and can be used for many purposes. One of those could be a fun shelf unit for your possessions. They come with their surface ready for whatever you would like to do, stain or paint. Spend time making them the perfect shade and color for the room. Doing it yourself means you can customize it as you please. Once you have them ready, you can start creating your work of art. The options on how to connect and stack them are endless.


An invisible bookshelf would be a minimalist’s dream. This type only really works if all you want is to store books. All you need is a corner bracket and some Velcro tape. The total cost for one would be no more than five dollars. First, you secure the corner bracket to the wall where you would like it. Next, use the Velcro tape to secure your first book. Then, all you do is stack the rest on top. It is so simple and looks so clean. The one task is sizing your books up to fit on top of each other. You could even store a cute Knick knack on the top. They can be arranged in so many ways. It is also the answer to filling up smalls spaces that could not hold a bulky bookcase.

Find the right ideas for your space. Save money and create something truly one of a kind.