Homeownership is a huge achievement; the feeling can bring out true confidence. But there can be challenges along the way. Maintenance is an underestimated issue some homeowners don’t consider, especially lawn maintenance. Suppose you’re not the type of individual that thrives in DIY or worries about utility bills. Then this can bring a damper to your home ownership experience. Water bills can be tricky, especially if you need help understanding your usage. Sometimes the over usage can come from somewhere unexpected, your front lawn. If you don’t maintain your lawn, you might experience unexpected water leakage, which might reflect on your next water bill. Now, what can help in the long run is skipping out on the grass and giant plants. Here are some water-free lawn ideas that can help you save money.

native plants

Let’s Get Minimal 

Minimalism is best if you would like to save. While shopping for plants, choose plants that require little to no watering. Pick smaller plants and create plant clusters to maximize the space. If you’re obsessed with grass, opt out of purchasing natural grass and use faux grass. If faux makes you cringe, get creative. Create fantastic shapes out of the faux grass and place rocks around the form. Trust the rocks and plants will make the faux grass less obvious.


Walk On the Yellow Brick Road

Bricks are classic, and you will never have to worry about your next water bill. Some may think bricks are not modern or trendy, but they can be. Google search different brick decor ideas and find the best contractor to get the job done. Many shapes and color options might get pricey, but you’ll save in the long run. If you’re up for the challenge and want to save on your next water bill, go for it.

Rock Out!

Want something inexpensive? Rocks are your best option; it’s a classic go-to. Rocks are versatile, and you can maximize or minimize the style. Create a lively feel with plants, or keep it simple with rocks only. In certain areas where the climate can be arid, homeowners or HOA prefer rock-only front lawns to save water. Have fun with these ideas, and enjoy your low water bill payment.