Not everything can be done without the help of professionals, but many can. Why spend your money on something you can handle with a bit of time? Being a homeowner means that there is no one to call to fix things for you for free. You are the one that has to take charge and make sure you can take care of things. When things start to need a little work, it can get overwhelming. Take it one project at a time, and before calling, do a little research to see if it is something you can do yourself. Here is a list of a few ideas of things to try before calling a professional.

Water Stain

Water stains happen to all homes from time to time. Once the leak is fixed, it can often leave some reminders, like a yellowing stain on the ceiling. This can result in mold and mildew developing when the leak is active. This is not something that you want to paint over at first. You will want to treat the stain to ensure you have killed and stopped the growth. This usually also gets rid of the yellow tint as well. Buy some bleach and mix a ten percent solution. Then all you need to do is spray it on. Using some plastic to stop the bleach from getting on anything else. Also, remember that excess can fall back on you. Don’t forget long sleeves and eye protection. Give it a day or so, and it should disappear.



Painting is another upgrade that is entirely doable by a homeowner. Unless you have incredibly high ceilings or a time constraint, you can handle this yourself. Get all the supplies and take your time. The more time you take to drape and tape, the easier it will be to get clean lines. Check out this blog from the Family Handyman about the best way to paint a room. Once you are done, you will appreciate the new space even more. The internet is a great place to find information. Another great source is the employees at your local hardware store. While getting your paint and supplies, pick the employees’ brains for the best products. They can point you in the right direction.



A little updating to the caulking in a bathroom or kitchen, and it will feel brand new. Just like grout, caulk doesn’t last forever. It gets chipped and starts to fade. Dirt also consistently seeps into any opening. With a bit of practice with the caulking gun, you can update the look of counters, sinks, and the tub. The one step before adding caulk is to remove the old. Check out this tutorial for removing the old. Getting the old out of the way will help a fresh coat go on smoother and look as if a professional did it.


Take the time to upkeep your house yourself. There are many things that homeowners do not need help with.