There is a real science behind picking paint colors. Certain shades/tones make buyers feel a certain way. For example, if you select paint colors that make a potential buyer feel comfortable and peaceful, they might be willing to pay more for your house in order to capture those feelings. Here are a few paint colors that have been shown to increase the value of a home. 

A Good Rule of Thumb

Generally speaking, neutral shades lead to a faster sale. They take your space to a blank slate and allow buyers to imagine their own possessions in your home. This allows them to quickly become emotionally attached to your space. Therefore, they’re more likely to pay more for your house when the times comes to put in an offer. Even if neutral colors aren’t your cup of tea, it’s wise to consider painting your home in some of these shades before you list it. 

Accessible Beige- SW7036

Accessible Beige is a Sherwin Williams color that is pretty aptly named.  It’s currently trending as many homeowners are branching out to expand the color palette of their home beyond white. It’s complementary, versatile and it won’t overwhelm your eyes. This is a solid choice when it comes to picking the perfect neutral shade. 

Ire Ore- SW7069

Believe it or not, black is considered a neutral color as well. Ire Ore is a great, dark paint color that will help sell your home. It’s a crisp black that looks incredible on both the interior and exterior of homes. It will make a statement and help your home stick out in a buyer’s mind. If you’re looking for something bold and exciting, this paint color is the one for you!

Snowbound- SW7004

The color Snowbound is a popular choice for many homeowners. It looks incredible on both the exterior and interior of homes. It’s a pure white, but not a stark white. To further illustrate this point, painting this color on the outside of your home means that when it snows, your house won’t make the snow look grey and dirty. Since it’s not a stark white, the color of the snow and your house will look nice together instead of one looking dingy. 

Agreeable Grey- SW7029

Agreeable Grey has been one of Sherwin Williams’ top selling colors for years. There’s a reason buyers gravitate towards it. It’s a neutral ‘greige’ color that works well with many different design styles. It’s so versatile and very aptly named ‘agreeable’! 

Paint colors can truly make or break a home for a buyer. The good news is that painting your home is fairly inexpensive but makes a huge impact. Crazy color palettes look like more work for a buyer because they’ll inevitably have to paint over things. Keep things simple, neutral, you’ll be surprised at how much buyers are willing to pay for your home.