Home Sweet Homeowner hopes we can make getting and staying organized fun and informative. Declutter your home and get organized with these tips and ideas to keep your whole house in order.

Organizing your home

We have tips and ideas that are designed to make the organizational process budget-friendly and easy. We believe that the busyness of life can be handled so much more effectively when you are organized.

Marie Kondo

“Once you learn to choose your belongings properly, you will be left with only the amount that fits perfectly in the space you own.”

Closet Organization 101

Closets are wonderful places in homes, but they can get messy very easily. From pantry closets to bedroom closets, closets are a great way to store your items away from plain view. However, that can lead us to not worry about keeping them organized and tidy. Clean closets are more than just aesthetically pleasing. If [...]

Decorating Under $20

Look around your home. Do you see blank walls or walls that you are tired of looking at? We all need to change things up. Decorating our space is a fun way of expressing ourselves. The biggest roadblock when it comes to decorating or redecorating is the dollar signs. Looking through magazines, we see so [...]

House Staging to Sell

Staging your home to sell is about accentuating your home’s most notable properties and allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. It is very important, and if done right makes the sell. If done poorly, than potential buyers will be turned away. Most relators will eagerly give you plenty of tips and tricks. But [...]

Organization Bins

There is one organization tool that can be used in every room of your house – storage bins. In fact, bins are the easiest and most aesthetically pleasing item to bring organization into your life. Bins come in different materials and sizes and can fit into virtually any space in your home.   Baskets If [...]

Feng Shui

Your living space reflects your life, and balance within this space is important. The art and practice of feng shui can be a useful way to rejuvenate your life. Essentially, the concept of feng shui revolves around the energy, also known as chi, that objects possess. Through strategically placing chi within your house, you’re able [...]

Buying in Bulk

Shopping at a bulk store is exciting. Seeing large quantities of one product can even be thrilling, and the food samples are always a nice bonus. From electronics to produce, bulk stores can easily be a one-stop store for many of your home needs. But, saving money when you buy bulk involves more than rolling [...]

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