Even though doing your laundry may seem simple, it’s a task that is not enjoyed by many. It can be overwhelming to wash and dry all of your clothes, and let’s not even get started with the folding. But, laundry doesn’t have to be a painful routine and there are a few tricks that can help you stay on top of your piles of dirty clothes.


Invest in a Laundry Sorter

We’ve all seen a laundry basket; however, have you seen a laundry sorter? There are many versions of this brilliant design, and it essentially allows you to sort your laundry as you go instead of having to save it for when you’re at the laundromat or in your laundry room. It’s quite simply a game changer. Three separate compartments should be plenty, and I recommend sorting them by your whites, lights, and darks. If you want to really streamline laundry, it can be helpful to have a separate basket for towels and full dry items, like socks and gyms shorts. There will be more explanation on why you should sort these from your other clothing later.


Take the Time to Color Sort your Laundry Pile

It’s laundry day and the last thing you want to do is sort your laundry by color, right? The good news is that if you have your laundry sorter, you’re already a step ahead of the game. If you don’t, it is still well worth your time to sort your laundry. You’ve spent your hard earned money on your clothes and should take the time to make sure they last. Plus, color coding is a simple task that even kids can help with!

Clothes on Line

Hang Dry Delicates and Clothing that’s Stored on Hangers

When drying machines didn’t exist, people would hang dry all of their wet clothing. It’s not as common to see this now, but I highly recommend you hang dry clothing that is more delicate. If you have the space, it’s easy to toss your damp clothing on hangers and they’ll be ready to go when they’re dry. Many laundry rooms are not equipped with a drying rack, but it’s a piece of cake to install a bathroom rod. I also recommend tumble drying the damp items on low or medium for about ten minutes to take out the initial wrinkles.


Full Dry with Intention

Thank goodness for drying machines. While I don’t recommend full drying all of your clothing, towels, undergarments, pajamas, and gym shorts don’t require the same extra care as your other items. When you wash your towels separately from your other clothes, you’ll notice a difference in the drying time and fluffiness of the towels. It’s worth it. And, by full drying your clothes with intention you’ll only have one basket of clothes to fold!


Fold When the Clothes are Still Warm

Folding clothes can be tedious, but the longer they sit in the basket or drying machine the less likely they are to get folded. Try to pull your clothing from the dryer as soon as possible so the chore doesn’t linger.


Store Neatly

You’re at the end of your laundry routine and have one last task. Place your folded and hung clothing nicely in your drawers and closet. Don’t jam them in wherever they fit. Place them where they belong and you’ll be able to fully appreciate all of your hard work.