Closets are wonderful places in homes, but they can get messy very easily. From pantry closets to bedroom closets, closets are a great way to store your items away from plain view. However, that can lead us to not worry about keeping them organized and tidy. Clean closets are more than just aesthetically pleasing. If they’re organized, you’ll be able to see and get exactly what you need without having to push through piles of clutter. And, it can be completed in five simple steps!


1. Sort by Type

Using the bedroom closet as an example, start by sorting everything by type. Sort your shoes, bags, shirts, pants, jackets, etc. into separate piles. It may look overwhelming at first, but this step is crucial to getting your closet back in order. If you’re cleaning out your pantry, sort the soup cans, cereal boxes, snacks, pasta, etc. into separate piles as well. Whichever closet you’re organizing, sort the items by type.


2. Determine Usefulness and Necessity

Once the items are sorted by type, this is the time to determine if you’re going to keep, toss, or donate any items. By seeing similar items next to each other, you’ll begin to see that you may have multiples of the same shirt, markers, or ketchup bottle. This step will help immensely of making sure you have plenty of space in the closet.


3. Organize by Sections

Now that you’ve taken the time to sort by type and keep only what is useful and necessary, it’s time to store your items in a similar way. Designate sections in the closet for your items and keep them together. Dress shirts should go in the shirt section and nut butters should be stored together. Bins and baskets are great ways to keep like items together!


4. Color Code your Items

This step may seem unnecessary, but it really helps with visual appeal and identifying what you need. By color coding your items in their respective sections, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need! For example, tomato cans are almost always red. If you’re looking for diced tomatoes, all of you have to do is look in the canned section and sort through the red cans. It is easy as that! The same goes for your clothing and you’ll realize the benefits even when you’re shopping. When you remember the pack of black sweaters you have, you’ll resist buying the black one and instead opt for the red. This is not only more functional but also more economical!


5. Stick with your Guidelines

After you’re finished organizing and storing your items in the closet, the last important step is to make sure you continue to stick with the guidelines you’ve set for your closet. This involves making sure you’re not randomly tossing things into the closet. Take the time to keep your closet organized so all of your hard work don’t disappear. A few extra seconds dedicated to putting things nicely where they belong will make a big difference.