Your living space reflects your life, and balance within this space is important. The art and practice of feng shui can be a useful way to rejuvenate your life. Essentially, the concept of feng shui revolves around the energy, also known as chi, that objects possess. Through strategically placing chi within your house, you’re able to encourage the flow of luck, wealth, love, peace, and opportunity into your home.

In feng shui, each room has features to help the flow of good energy. For example, in your home office, the chair should be in a commanding position that does not have your back to the door. In the bathroom, it’s important to keep the toilet seat lid down because water is related to wealth. In other words, you do not want your money being flushed or drained away. Electronics should also be kept out of the bedroom because it’s known to disrupt sleep.

To help get you started, here a few “ABC’s” of feng shui.

Living Area


Let fresh air into your home to encourage an open and inviting pathway for positive energy to flow throughout your home.


It’s important for your bedroom to feel tranquil and peaceful. Make sure everything in the room supports relaxation and doesn’t detract from your sleep.


Clutter sucks up the energy in a space and inhibits energy from flowing throughout a space. It’s also thought that a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind.


“Runaway chi” is known as chi that flows directly from the front door in a straight line to the backdoor. Try to stop positive energy from leaving your home by placing piece of furniture or rugs to stop by direct escape of energy.


In feng shui, red attracts energy and good fortune. Red flowers or a red windchime are simple ways to add a nice touch of color near your front door.

Five Elements

It’s important to seek balance among the five elements: earth, fire, metal, water, and wood.


In Chinese culture, fish are known to represent abundance. Fish can be a nice addition to a water feature in your house.


If feng shui still seems overwhelming, you may want to start with feng shui “cures” instead. Crystals are fantastic ways to bring sunlight into the room. Fountains are easy ways to introduce water and energy into a space. Finally, mirrors are essential pieces that can activate, deflect, circulate, or expand energy.