Staging your home to sell is about accentuating your home’s most notable properties and allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. It is very important, and if done right makes the sell. If done poorly, than potential buyers will be turned away. Most relators will eagerly give you plenty of tips and tricks. But here’s a few to get you started.

Home Staging

Clear Out Clutter

Even if your home is on the smaller side, space sells. No one wants to feel crammed. If you have a place to store anything extra for a while do it, but if you do not, than investing in a storage space will be worth it. Storage sells. You want to make closets look spacious, bathrooms look large, and cupboards appear to have plenty of room. To get started, anything you do not use on a day to day basis should go, for now. Remove your off season wardrobe, pack up the game closet, store away some of your décor, and do away with extra dishes.


It may feel odd to remove those family pictures or child’s artwork on the fridge, but hey this is soon to be your old home. We want to make someone else feel like the space can be theirs. Another thing to remember is to neutralize the rooms. A red bedroom may be your cup of tea, but most buyers want to imagine their own version of a room. It is best to paint everything neutral. Neutral appeals to both genders. On that note, it is so important to make sure the master bedroom and bathroom appeal to each partner. Neutral is key. Remove any religious artwork as well. Clear counters of toothbrushes, contact solution, and hair accessories.

Clean and Repair

This is the time to clean every inch of the house, even the parts that often get overlooked. Clean the walls, baseboards, window blinds, ceiling fans and corners etc. Buyers will open up your fridge, microwave, dishwasher, oven, and cupboards. Clean them up. While you’re cleaning, be on the lookout for any repairs you have let go over time. The extreme cleaning and extra repairs will make shoppers feel like the property has been well maintained. Most buyers do not want to purchase a fixer upper.

Put Effort Where it Counts

Certain rooms in a home will make the sell. Of the most important are bathrooms and kitchens. Update as much as you can. But remember a little extra cleaning goes a long way. If you have a yucky shower door, don’t replace it. Try cleaning it with a mixture of muriatic acid and water. Dated tile doesn’t sell, but rather than spending the cost to replace it try a little paint. In kitchens, appliances are a big seller. Upgrading your appliances to match and adding the preferred stainless steel usually returns your investment. But a cheaper alternative is to buy a stainless steel stick-on covering.

Last Minute Tips

Do not forget curb appeal. The outside is almost as important as the inside. Add color by putting out pots of flowers. Remember to let in light; brighten your home by keeping the curtains pulled and lights on. Rearrange furniture to make rooms look the most spacious. Dispose of any odors.


All these tips will help you sell your home. It is not hard, but may be time consuming. Your effort will help you sell faster and hopefully with higher offers. These tips explained more in depth can be found on HGTV as well as Good luck!