Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee when they wake up in the morning?  Nowadays we have to get into our car and sit in a drive thru line before we get the first sip of that artisanal cup of joe.  What if you could bring the ‘bucks to your own kitchen?  By being creative and teaching yourself (or significant other) how to be the best barista, you can take the coffee house specials with you wherever you go.  Plus think of all the money you will save by taking care of your own caffeine buzz.


Set Up for Success

By investing in the right tools, you’ll be able to recreate your favorites from the local coffee shop.  If you want a fancy Nespresso machine, go for it, just make sure you are committing to your purchase to save money in the long run.  By looking up online how to make certain drinks, you can get the tools you need, DIY it, and save money.


All the Details


People love having the cups from Starbucks, or brightly colored coffee containers.  Find some of your own to carry your steaming cup of wonder.  You can even purchase designer cups from Starbucks and use them in your own coffee house called home.  Make it fun with bright colors, metal straws, and anything else you can think of to get your excited.


Slowly Build Your Collection

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither can your barista skills.  Try focusing on one drink a week and perfect that steaming cup.  This also will help you build you collection of tools or ingredients, so it isn’t a huge investment right off the top.  You might even find a new favorite drink that you didn’t know about by exploring a menu rather than always getting the same thing because you don’t have any time in the morning to browse.   Go online and find little tips and hacks to making your favorite drinks and you’ll have some fun party tricks up your sleeve.


Explore the Wonderful World


There are so many coffee and tea flavors out there.  Don’t be wedded to a popular brand of coffee just because society has told you to.  There are fun artisanal brands that have all sorts of crazy coffee flavors.  Bones Coffee Company is a great website that has awesomely fun seasonal flavors.  Did you want your coffee to taste like Fruity Pebbles Cereal or Smores from a campfire?  Now you can!  Try different brands and go on a flavor exploration in your own home.  You’ll be saving money and drinking happy all in the same cup.


By taking the price tag out of the coffee house convenience, you’ll save tons of money throughout the year.  You might even find a better way to get your morning buzz.  Try a couple of these out to see if you can drink your way towards cost-friendly happiness.