When it’s time to sell your house, there are many things to consider, but one thing that should be a no-brainer is how to make your home appealing and marketable to potential buyers.  It will make the selling process so much easier if you can take the guesswork out of staging and presenting your home in a way that gets a sold sign on your front lawn as fast as possible.  Think about these elements next time you have your property on the market.

Staged room

House Staging

How you present your home can make or break a potential sale.  Most people have a hard time imagining their furniture or items in a home they are touring, so you have to sell the space and an idea of home with your stuff. Keep the house clean and uncluttered.  Depersonalize the inside by removing family photos or artwork or decor that is specific to your family or design taste.  You never know who is walking through your door and their need to feel like they can make the space theirs.  You are trying to sell your house not invite someone to live in your space with your family.  Create a blank canvas where the possibilities of design are endless.


First Impressions Are Everything

As soon as your potential buyer drives up to the house, the showing has begun.  Buyers are already forming opinions before they even step inside the house.  It is so important to upkeep and maintain your lawn and the outside of your home.  The same goes for the backyard and areas surrounding the house.  Clean up any old furniture, trash, or boxes that are giving the wrong impression.


Welcome Home

You want your guests to feel like they have arrived home.  You are selling a lifestyle to them; a possibility of what life could be like in this house.  Coordinate with your realtor to have cookies or snacks to welcome buyers.  Give them a little something unexpected when they arrive.  A pleasing scent or candle will also make people feel more at ease and welcomed.


The Right Clientele

Work with a realtor who knows serious buyers and people looking to purchase.  If you just do blanket open houses, chances are you’ll end up wasting more time.  Having a realtor involved will increase your chances of your home only being shown to those who will follow up with an offer, rather than people who are out on the weekend looking to pass the time.


Trust Your Team

From pricing, accepting offers, terms and conditions, you want someone in your corner who will help you in your selling journey.  You do pay them a percentage of commission but having them carry the heavy work load will make selling your home a much easier process for you and your family.  It’s worth the money for a smooth transaction, it’s money well spent for your sanity.


Selling your home can be an easy process if you set yourself up for success.  Consider a few of these ideas and concepts to make your journey a positive one.