Gardening is something that everyone will feel the need to try at one point in their life, if not multiple times. One of the drawbacks that stops people is the cost and time. It takes a lot of time to prepare the ground and the area for the plants to grow. With the time it can cost to get the right dirt and fertilizer and the supplies to keep things from destroying your plants. With all these hurdles is a wonder some many try it. There are ways to get started on a budget. See if it is worth it before jumping in with both feet.


Pots come in a range of prices and are an easy way to dip your toe in. You need to get soil but not in the quantity you would if you were setting up a traditional garden. Using pots will limit some of the plants that you can grow, depending on the size you are willing to purchase. Pots can also be placed anywhere and turn a blank space into beautiful scenery. They can also be moved easily if you decide against using them or want to relocate. They will also hold some of their value and be sold second-hand to recoup some of the cost.

Vertical Gardens

Do you have a lack of space? Then a vertical garden could be a good choice for you. There are many vegetables that can be grown this way. There are also many different supplies you can use to get the look you want. Using wooden crates to stack and create a vertical garden is a great option that gives you the depth to accommodate more plants. A place to look for inspiration is Country Living. They have an article with do-it-yourself ideas to get the creative ideas flowing. The only drawback is the possible damage if you place it against a wall. The moisture from watering could flow down and be trapped against the wall, possibly causing water damage. Stand-alone vertical gardens avoid this. Or choose a border that can take some moisture.


Herb gardens are growing in popularity. They can be set up in small spaces and are ideal for those living in apartments or those wanting to avoid using yard space. Keep them inside on a window seal or outside. They do not need containers that are too deep. Vertical planters are a good option for an herb garden. The investment is also very minimal. So if you decide that you are not meant to be a gardener, you will not have wasted too much. Herbs can also be helpful for those that love to cook. If you do not use too many spices, they can always make a great personalized gift. All the while, they will be aesthetically uplifting the room they occupy.

Gardening should be on everyone’s list at one point, and it doesn’t need to cost too much to attempt.