When you get excited about decorating a room, usually the last thing that comes into play is window coverings and curtains.  Let’s face it, it’s the most boring (and sometimes most expensive!) part of design.  It’s the final thought process to complete a room, but without them, the room is missing something. Shopping for curtains and curtain rods can be exasperating, especially when you do not have an HGTV budget.  Fret not, here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning and get privacy on those windows!

DIY Curtain Rods

Curtain rods might be the biggest scam out there.  You say to yourself, “it’s just a pipe and some fancy ends!”  Well make it just about that.  The cheapest curtain rod you’ve ever owned can also be completely customizable.  Take a regular PVC pipe from the hardware store, spray some white primer on it and then use spray paint to color or make it look like whatever finish you want.  Attach to the wall using some rod brackets.  Here’s the best part, take a tennis ball, poke a hole in it to fit to the PVC pipe and cover the tennis ball in a fabric that goes with your décor.  Stuff extra fabric into the hole and attach to the pipe!


Source: In My Own Style


White Curtains Using Sheets

Get the look of billowy white curtains for a fraction of the cost.  Especially if you have a lot of windows to cover in a big room, this will give you that glam airy look you see so often without spending a small fortune on it.  Find inexpensive Twin size Flat Sheets and curtain rings with clips for your materials.  Check out this blog for tips for pinching and pleating the curtains into the clips so they look just like the professionals.


Source: Sawdust to Stitches


DIY Blackout Curtains

Found the perfect curtains for your bedroom, but then you hang them up and the sun is still blasting through?  Make any curtains black out curtains with some simple materials.  Purchasing black out curtain liner panels and a roll of Peel n’ Stick fabric adhesive tape and get sticking!  Attach with the tape at the tops, bottoms and sides of your curtains and tell that sun to go away, you’re going back to sleep.


Source: Living Letter Home


Industrial Chic Curtain Rod

Another great affordable curtain rod idea is using electrical conduit rods.  With a few hardware materials, you’ll have a simple, industrial looking rod that looks right out of the Restoration Hardware catalogue.  This website gives you all the materials you’ll need to complete your look.


Source: Lovely Etc.


Bedsheet Valances

In the end, fabric is fabric, no matter if it’s on your bed, on your body, or hanging over your windows, so if you find fun patterned sheets, expand your creativity to use them for perfect easy DIY valances.  Take cardboard, yes cardboard, from an old Amazon box or whatever you have lying around.  Measure and cut the sheet to the length of being able to cover the front side of the cardboard with enough so it can be puffed up and wrapped and secured around the edges of the cardboard in the back.  Give yourself a little more fabric than you think you’ll need.  Secure the fabric to the cardboard with rubber bands (about 4) and puff up the fabric in-between the rubber bands to hide them.  You now have a fluffy valance to attach to your windows and give the room some personality.


Window coverings can be unique and inexpensive so try a few of these ideas next time you are stuck in a creative rut.