When it comes to home improvement, painting is one of the least expensive ways to make a huge impact. It can also be a pain, a mess, and an incredibly tedious chore to complete. In order to make the entire process easier, here are some tips you can utilize to help you pull off the perfect paint job.

Man looking at paint colors

Q- Tips

Vanessa Beaty, a writer for diyncrafts.com states, “Q-Tips are perfect for removing paint smudges from cleanings and accent walls. You’ll want to wet the end of the Q-Tip and then form it into a point. If and when you drip or smear paint in an area where you shouldn’t, you can use those Q-Tips to easily remove the paint.” You can drastically reduce the number of touch ups you need to do by simply wiping the paint from the wrong areas. Q-Tips are perfect because their size allows you to be extremely precise.


Tin Foil

One of the best ways to ensure an easy cleanup is to line your paint tray with tin foil. It’s an inexpensive and quick way to maximize your time. When you’re done painting for the day, you can simply pull the tin foil up and throw it in the trash. That’s one less item you’ll have to wash out.

Man Painting

Putty Knife

This is an excellent tip that can help you get crisp lines with your painters tape. Sometimes the texture of walls can prevent you from having that straight line all perfectionists crave. To combat this, use a putty knife to go over where you’ve taped. This will ensure the tape is pressed into every little nook and cranny of your wall. Not only will you get the straight line of your dreams, you’ll save time because you wont have to go back and do small touch ups.



Cleaning your brushes out after you’ve finished a project can be an absolute pain. No matter how much you scrub, it seems the paint never stops coming. Additionally, you know that if you don’t get them clean, the next time you need to paint something, you’ll discover you have ruined brushes. To avoid this problem, clean your brushes out thoroughly with vinegar. Soak them for about thirty minutes and wash them with soap and water. This will ensure they stay in excellent working condition.

Scrape off Excess

Save paint and time with this tip. In her article, Beaty explains, “When you’re finished with your rollers and you need to clean them up, take a putty knife and scrape them first. So much paint gets stuck in those rollers and you never really know how much until you begin rinsing. If you scrape them down with a putty knife before you rinse, they’re much easier to clean and you can save all that extra paint for future jobs.”


Painting can be a bit of a challenge. However, you can use these tips to make it an easier and more enjoyable experience.