Having the decorating budget of an HGTV show would be everyone’s dream, but it’s just not realistic in our everyday lives.  You can achieve some of the same looks for a fraction of the cost using thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales – you only need to know where to look and what to do once you’ve found it.


Find Good Locations

There are plenty of thrift shops and flea markets that will not be ideal places to find your new treasures.  Do a little bit of research to find where the locals go and where to avoid.  This process does take a little patience, but if you are someone who loves to go treasuring hunting and finding that diamond in the rough, this is totally for you!  Having a great place to go is your first big step in the right direction.


Estate Sales

Look online or through social media outlets for estate sales.  Sometimes you’ll find the mansion on the hill trying to sell their pricey furniture at knock out, drag out prices.  You can really find some unique pieces at these and they are slightly elevated yard sales.  Plus, bonus, you get to tour around someone’s fancy house and look at their décor ideas and play in your dream home.


Discount Home Decor Stores

There is something to be said for stores like HomeGoods and Ikea.  With a little imagination, take something plain and turn it into a unique item.  Paint a plain white dresser gold and add some fun knobs and voila!  You’ll find staple items and unique decorating add-ons at these stores and with some fun ideas and creativity, you’ll end up with something no one else has.


Make it Yours

Once you’ve found some fun pieces to work with, think about how you can make them uniquely yours.  Get crafty with some paint and tape to make fun patterns.  Sand down an old desk and give it a new stain.  Reupholster a chair or couch with a punchy fabric.  There are so many options when it comes to repurposing furniture, the opportunities are endless.


Pillow Party

Pillows are a great way to upgrade a space or change a look instantly.  Find a friend who has a sewing machine or invest in an inexpensive one for yourself and make your own pillows.  You’ll find so many fabric options online and at craft stores, there is something for everyone.  You can even change out your pillows for the seasons, constantly giving your room an updated look.


There are ideas for all levels of crafty skills with home decor.  You can choose how much effort and time you want to put in to upgrade your space.  Start with a few of these and you could have your own home design tv show in no time!