Home security systems once required a professional to come to your home for the installation. With today’s great technological advances, you can set up the security system yourself. Often, the set up takes less than an hour! There is a plethora of DIY home security systems out there, so which ones should you choose? Listed below are some of the most popular and highly rated systems out there.


Nest Secure

With its easy installation and sleek look, Nest provides a great sense of security and high quality with their systems. What’s great about Nest is their custom settings features. For example, you can alarm the house while leaving one window open. Their devices also work seamlessly together, for example, when you unlock the front door, the security system will be disarm.


Cost of Hardware

Their alarm systems go from $399 to $633. There is a plethora of add-ons you can purchase on the site.


Cost of Service

You can self-monitor with Nest or you can hire professionals to do it. Nest partners with Brinks Home Security and provides two options. With a 3-year agreement, you pay $19/month, or $29/month.



This security system has a couple awards under its belt. CNET awarded the system its Editor’s Choice for Home Security for two years. Angie’s List also gave it the Super Service Award. The system has sensors that detects entry into the home, and motion around the home. It also detects glass breaks and has video security. The peel and stick installation enable users to quickly set up the system for usage right away. The components are affordable and work well with a great range capability.


Cost of Hardware

The packaged system runs between $489 and $229. The individual cameras go between about $169 and $99. You also choose your components to build your system.


Cost of Service

There are two plans you can choose from. Either a Standard, $15/month plan or Interactive, $25/month plan. The Interactive plan lets you arm and disarm your home via your phone, text/email alerts, unlimited camera recording and more.


Abode Starter Kit

Abode’s neat app allows you to have full visibility and control over the system. Their desktop and mobile views are the highlights of their system. With the timeline view, you can see when and where a sensor was triggered throughout the day. Without additional cost, you have access to video footage, and the ability to arm and disarm your home via your phone. Setting up their system is incredibly easy. You can continue to add on products such as window sensors, glass break sensors, and water sensors.


Cost of Hardware

You will need to purchase a kit to get started. The Smart Security Kit runs between $260 and $160, and the All-in-One Security Kit runs between $299 and $199.


Cost of Service

There are three plans. The Secure plan costs $20/month, and it has professional monitoring as well as cellular backup. The Connect plan costs $8/month and it comes with cellular backup, the basic plan is backupless and is free.


Out of the three systems, Nest Secure is our choice because of the customizable features. They take care in building a system that is easy to live with. Although their system is the most expensive of the three, it’s well worth the cost. There’s no stressful countdowns or rushing to the door with Nest. Regardless of which system you go with, the fact that you want to secure your home is a great decision!