There is more to securing your home from potential burglaries than just having a home security system. Even these systems don’t deter all criminals from slipping into your house to pick at your valuables. These tips don’t require additional costs, and they may seem common sense, but look around your neighborhood and you’ll realize how uncommonly they are followed. You may be one of the unaware homeowners breaking these rules, and encouraging break ins.

Window Blinds

Most burglaries are at random. The opposite of “out of sight, out of mind” rings true in this case – if the valuables are in sight, they are in the burglar’s mind. When your valuables are within sight, it has a higher chance of being stolen. Shut your window blinds more often than not or keep them shut when you are not home. Burglars often peak through open windows and doors in search of valuables worthy of a crime. Or they are looking for homes with no one home to strike. Keep your valuables out of sight and curtain up.

Vacant Homes

Burglars don’t like confrontation. They are aiming for homes with no one in the house. During their snooping, they utilize clues to judge if the house is empty or not. They’ll knock on the door to see if anyone will answer. They’ll evaluate mailboxes, newspapers, and your lawn. If your mailbox is full, or there is a pile of newspapers on your driveway, that’s a huge sign that you haven’t been home in a while. If your lawn is overgrown, that also tells them you haven’t been home in a while. Make friends with your neighbors and ask for help when you are not home. Park your car in front of your house to let robbers know someone is home.

Neighborhood Watch

You may dismiss the signs when you see them in neighborhoods, but burglars do not. As we’ve mentioned, burglars don’t like confrontation. Their number one deterrent are people watchers. You can be the change by giving more attention to the people around your neighborhood. If someone knocks on your door, don’t be afraid to ask questions. For example, if a stranger at your door asks about an individual (they may have made up just to see if you’re home), ask if they’re on the right street, or describe who they are looking for. This type of vigilance deters criminals from striking.

Security Systems

What’s great about technology these days is its wireless capabilities. Before wireless security systems, burglars could easily find and cut security system alarms and break into your home. Now, there is nothing they can cut. Invest in wireless cameras and security systems indoors and outdoors; ones that you can check into on your phone.


These tips are simple yet effective for protecting your home. They require you to be more vigilant and aware of your neighborhood. Be purposeful in how you manage your home security and you will avoid being a victim of burglary.