For many, 2020 has redefined how our homes are being used. With so many working from home and distance learning, it’s important now more than ever to have a space that can evoke calm and feelings of purpose. Here are a few ideas that may benefit you or spark your own inspiration.


The first thing you can do that doesn’t cost a thing, is declutter and clean. Experts agree that removing clutter can improve efficiency, self-confidence, and even immunity. Start by clearing the room. Start at the top by cleaning the light bulbs and fan blades. Work your way down by dusting the tops of doors and closets. Clean the windows and remember to wipe down the track and windowsill. Finally, wash your walls and baseboards. Magic erasers are fantastic at getting rid of scuffs.


Gather Supplies
With a blank canvas, you can decide what your space needs to accomplish. Be intentional in your plan to decide what furniture/decor you allow back in for function and productivity. Then, add the pieces back in that make you happy. Don’t be afraid to change things around. Before buying anything new, try ‘shopping your house’. That rug that you’ve been using under the dining room table could breathe new life into a corner of the office. That chair in the corner of your bedroom that doubles as a laundry rack? Move that piece too. Experiment with furniture arrangements and accessories. Would your desk work better at a different window? Think about lighting and views for your workspace. Dig deep into what your needs are and plan your furniture arrangements around that.


There are so many cost effective, beautiful ways to spruce up your home. Using a metallic paint pain can add a fresh look to a wall and is much less expensive than wallpaper. Search for these and other ideas on You can use silverware caddies to organize supplies neatly in your drawer. A spice rack can double as an office supply organizer at your fingertips. Magazine holders can keep notebooks and folders off of your desktop and easily accessible. File folders can be given a new life with magnets and stencils or electrical tape to create a custom look and be stored on the side of your filing cabinet. Mismatched filing cabinets can be given a fresh coat of spray paint to add some personality into your office, or they can be covered with wallpaper. You can also use those same filing cabinets as the ‘legs’ of a desk. Just add an affordable counter on top.  Have any paint or wallpaper left from your filing cabinet project? You can use that to cover a lamp shade to help tie your projects together.

For very little money, you can create a space that will work for you. When you feel good about your surroundings, you’ll have an easier time staying motivated, organized, and happy.