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When it is time to sell a home, any good real estate agent will first tell you that you need to declutter. When a buyer walks into your home, they shouldn’t be met with all your many belongings. Before even considering putting that sign up, take the steps needed to prepare. Many areas of the home can look upgraded just by taking a few easy decluttering steps.


The kitchen holds many items we think we need to keep, just in case. One of those is plastic grocery bags. When we get out food home from the store, we take them out of the bags and then stuff those bags in a drawer, and we never use them all. Throw them all away. If you can’t part with them, get a Grocery Bag Holder. There are many patterns and styles to choose from. Pick one that fits your kitchen. Anything that does not fit in gets put in the recycling. Another kitchen item that we hold onto your more years than needed ate spices. Believe it or not, they do expire. Declutter your spice rack, and your kitchen will feel lighter.


Take a long hard look at your bookshelf. Are you holding on to materials that you no longer need? Textbooks from college did cost a lot, but that does not mean they should have a permanent spot in your home. Most of those reference materials are probably outdated. Clear the shelf. The other things to look for are books you will never read again. It should be moved into the donation pile if it is not a classic or a book you love to reread. An uncrowded bookshelf will help make the space feel larger and more open. It also results in lighter boxes to move when the time comes.


Go into your closet, take the box with all the old cords and devices, and put it in the trash. We all have this hidden container taking up space in our garage or closet. There is this thought that one day we may need that old flip phone or cord. The reality is that half of the items there are too outdated to be used. Get rid of it all, and you will have space to save something more substantial.


The fun of buying decorations ends when you must find a place to store them all. It is time to declutter and get organized. First, remove anything faded, broken, or you never use. Then invest in excellent bins to make your storage area look put together. Amazon has a variety of storage bins to choose from. Finally, make your garage look as appealing as the living room. Everything should have its place. It will make finding your items a breeze and moving even more straightforward.

We all have more junk than we think. Moving or not, it’s good to let go of those unneeded items.