You’re ready to put your home sweet home on the market.  The best way to sell a house is through presentation and selling a space for your next homeowners where they can imagine themselves living.  Your potential buyers don’t want to work hard to see their new lives within your four walls, you need to bring that vision to them.  Try a few of these to make your home accessible to all.

Staged Living Room



While you always want your space to feel personal to you, when trying to sell a home you want others to see their own potential in your home.  This means stashing away excessive family photos and items that are in your personal taste during house viewings.  If you have pets, take up their bowls and toys – you want the house to look like a space where the new family can insert their lives, not live in yours.


Clean and De-clutter


It goes without saying…who knows, maybe it needs to be said, your space should be clean and ready to go at all times to maximize your efforts for selling your house.  Get in a daily vacuum routine – even if it’s vacuuming the main hot spots of your home quickly before you head off the work.  It’s going to be easier for you to maintain a clean home if you do it little by little instead of preparing for each viewing with a major cleaning overhaul.  Keep with it, the effort will pay off.  De-clutter your space and start purging older items and trash you no longer need or things you won’t want to move with you to your new space.  It’s two birds with one stone – helping you get ready for your move and selling your house in the same swoop.


Providing an Experience


You want to not only sell your home, but you want to sell a lifestyle.  You want your buyers to feel like they are home the moment they drive up to the curb.  Make sure your yard is clean and manicured.  Make sure your home smells lovely when your buyers walk in – first impressions are everything.  If you need to focus your efforts somewhere, put them in your first impressions.  Think where people are going to look and walk first – ensure you are making a step in the right direction right at the start.

Staged Kitchen

Walk and Shop Your Own Space


Take a tour through your home as if you are looking at it to buy.  If you have trouble keeping a non biased eye, ask a trusted friend to come over and walk it with you.  Brainstorm ideas to make a space appear more open and welcoming.  Ask a friend to point out things that they would see as potential deal breakers.  It’s okay if they give you some criticism – you’ll be thanking them when your house is sold.


Selling a house can be a stressful ordeal but take some of the guesswork out of it by providing a space that people can’t say no to.  Preparing your home for someone else’s life is the best defense you can have in the house selling game.