Whether you are a new or old homeowner, the number of projects you can do in the home for improvements can be overwhelming. The beautiful thing about watching videos is you can get inspired by the fun ideas that people just like you come up with. Here are some of the coolest home makeover videos we’ve found on Youtube.


Add Space to Your House


This video shows you how to add space to your entire house. The best segment is the bathroom. If you live in a studio or an apartment, you are too familiar with the tiny bathroom. This video shows you how to make little tweaks to your space so that you have more storage units and more space at the same time. From optimizing the bathroom to the kitchen, this video will spark great ideas for your next DIY project.


DIY For First Time Home Owners


From brightening your kitchen to making over the fireplace, this video will give you ideas on how to upgrade the look of your home. They feature DIY projects for a garden, a backyard fire pit, kitchen cabinet makeovers, porchlight upgrade, and even upgrading the look of your kitchen floor.


10 Easy + Inexpensive Home Improvements


The ideas this video has are simple, and easy to do! Pair up with a friend or your spouse for these projects and get ready for a whole new home. Some of the upgrades featured in this video include remodeling doors you’d otherwise change out for new ones, repainting railings, and updating outdated wood for a more modern look with simple painting. These fixes are easy and inexpensive so it’s a must watch!


Remodeling a Bathroom for Under $500


We must admit, this DIY is not so DIY if you are not familiar with remodeling a bathroom. We recommend hiring a professional or getting help from a skilled friend. This video is fun to watch, though, as you get to see how a bathroom remodel is done! The before and after is quite impressive! Especially considering the upgrade costs under $500. The job was done by changing out the lights, the counter, the sink, and repainting the walls. It’s not easy but it’s informative and entertaining!

Backyard Makeover


This video was by far our favorite to watch. The host is hilarious and down to earth. He tackles remodeling his backyard for a little birthday gathering. The video goes step by step through the process of remodeling the backyard. From removing weeds, to putting in flower beds, and upgrading patio furniture, you’ll be sure to gather ideas. Watch as this old backyard transforms into an oasis!


Owning your own home is an exciting and endless adventure! You have full control over the look and feel of your home. These videos are great for inspiration and motivation as you tackle upgrading your home. Be sure to ask for help or hire professionals for any parts you are unsure of!