DIY projects are great for the soul. The hands on activity forces you to focus on building and creating objects, rather than staring at a cellphone or computer screen. The completion of the project is also satisfying. It provides a sense of accomplishment different from the accomplishment you feel at your regular day job. The DIY projects below are for your beloved pets. Here are the most useful pet DIYs you can do this weekend.

Dog Bone Wall Shelf


If you’re tired of leaving your pups stuff all over the place, this DIY project is perfect for you! This wall shelf can hold doggie waste bags as well as carry necessary items your dog needs, like a leash and treats. Having a special place for your pet supplies ensures you’ll never forget a doggie waste bag, or where their leash is again! See how this is done here.


Outdoor Dog Shower


This outdoor shower is perfect for puppers who like to be adventurous! For all the swimmer and diggers out there, this shower works to clean them gently while keeping our own bathtubs clean. This shower is great to use during the summer time. The video is worth the watch even if you don’t plan on building a shower. The featured dog is incredibly obedient and enjoys his bath! Watch it here.

Cat Tent


Cats like to squeeze themselves into anything they can fit into! It makes them feel safe and cozy, and it’s adorable to watch. It’s even more adorable when they use what we’ve created for them, like this DIY cat tent. Make it personal with a beloved T-shirt. Your cat will thank you for the hiding spot. Here’s the rest of the steps!


Modern Pet Bed


This bed is great for indoor and outdoor lounging for your pup. Because the bed is elevated, cleaning underneath it will be a breeze! What’s great about this build is you can choose the paint colors and how you want to design it. Dogs love raised beds because the airstream below provides a comfortable temperature during the summer. Here’s how it’s made.


Cat Hotel


Cats love climbing on shelves and high objects so they can keep an eye on everything around them. It’s their basic instinct to climb! This blogger volunteers at an animal shelter and built this beautiful cat hotel for the shelter cats. After browsing through a thrift store, they found an old entertainment center and got creative.


From doggie beds to kitty hotels, each project requires creativity and attention to detail. Have fun this weekend as you tackle a pet DIY project! These ideas are easy and simple to make. They will also bring joy to your beloved pets. You will feel accomplished as you find new purpose for old items. Visit your local thrift shops to see what new ideas you can come up with. Post your finished products here or let us know if you have any more ideas. We love when our readers share their own ideas with each other!