Not all gardens are created equally. Some gardens get the job done and provide fresh fruit and vegetables. Then there are gardens that excite and make you never want to leave them. Why not create the latter? Have your garden serve two purposes. All gardens will provide, but make it a space you enjoy being in. An area you want to show off is a garden you deserve. There are many ways to do that. Look at the choices of others to get you creativity following,


If you want to enjoy a space, you will want a place to sit. When you first think about gardens sitting down may not be the first idea, but it should be. Why not stay a while when you are visiting your garden? Sit down and enjoy a drink or read a good book surrounded by all the plants you have worked so hard to sustain. Any old camp chair could work, but getting seating that looks like it belongs will be even more worthwhile. Try this Delois Wooden Garden Bench. If you have any plants that need to be attached to grow up, this could also serve that purpose. Blend your furniture into the aesthetics of your garden.


Those with large mature trees around them may not need to worry about providing the required shade. However, those without knowing the damage sun can do to plants and those that take care of the garden. Having some shade to block some direct sunlight is a must in a garden. Especially if you are wanting to spend more time enjoying it. Pergolas are a great way to accomplish this task. They allow sun but also give some relief from it. Your local stores will have you covered in no time. There are some great options to provide you with an idea on Overstock. With all the different styles, one will fit the vibe you are looking for.


No one said that you couldn’t grow fish in your garden. Spice up your area is a little pond. How fun will it be to be met by your fish each time you come to work in your garden? Children will love to search for them and feed them treats while you work. It will make your garden a place to play and keep you there relaxing in the fresh air. Koi fish are a trendy option for a garden pond, but there are other options to consider depending on your area.


There is no reason that anything should be boring, even where you walk. Spice it up with bricks or even wood slates to take you around your garden. Another unique idea is to make stepping stones. Personalize your path with a stepping stone kit. Make it a group project. Have family and friends create them with you. While you walk through your garden, you can be reminded of all your loved ones.

Create a garden you never want to leave.