Pest control has become vital in our day to day lives. As we continue to grow and expand homes and businesses’, we push pests out of their natural environment and into ours. Professional pest control can be pretty pricey depending on what they are treating and how often they have to service the area; but is doing it yourself sufficient enough to keep the vermin out? Here we give you all the pros and cons of professional pest control and taking matters into your own hands.

Pro Pest Control

Doing your own pest control may help you to save a few dollars, but knowing when to do it yourself and when it’s time to call in the professionals is key. If you have some unusual unwanted house guests or notice a nest or large amount of bugs or critters, it’s best to call in the pros. Full on extermination could potentially be dangerous, especially when you don’t know what you’re up against. Professional exterminators have to go through special training to handle the chemicals they use to get rid of your unwanted guests. They are licensed to use and purchase these chemicals that are not available for all the public to run out and get. They know exactly where and when to use them and are sure to not mix anything that could be harmful. They also are trained to know how the critters behave so they are better able to predict their next move and get them out of your hair.


Home Pest Control

Treating unwanted guests in your home or business doesn’t have to be complicated if it’s nothing major. It can be as simple as running to your local hardware store and picking up some spray or traps to treat those pesky pests. Be aware that your local hardware store will only have certain sprays available to the public, so depending on what you are trying to evict, the spray may or may not be what you need to send them packing. There are home pest control companies like Pestie, who provide pesticides that are especially formulated for your area and extermination needs. Companies like these send you the solution to use and tell you where and when to spray the affected areas. The best time to utilize home pest control is when you are doing it for preventative protection and not having to treat a big problem.


It’s important to note that if you are uncertain on how to use a certain pesticide you should consult with a professional first as to not risk your safety or the safety of others. Also be aware that not all bugs are bad. No one wants bugs living inside their home with them, but if you notice some outside, that aren’t bothering you, it’s best to leave them be. Most pests perform a certain task that help our ecosystem. So it’s best to try to just redirect them out of your home and into their natural habitat.