Living out from under your parent’s roof means a lifetime of worrying how big the utility bills will be each month. As the season change, we know the pattern and what to expect. But it still hurts each time we open a bill, and it is more significant than expected. Our hard-earned money should be going toward the things that we enjoy. There are many ways, large and small, to help change the cost in your favor. The more you are willing to do the easier it will be to pay the utilities.


Anything that leaks is costing you money and providing you nothing. The first place to check is the door and windows. Check if you are losing any of your precious air conditioning or heat. Depending on the age of your windows and doors it may be time to upgrade. The newer the window, the more efficient it is. It will be a better barrier between our temperature and the outside one. Old sliding and french doors are other culprits to inspect and possibly replace if they are too far gone. There is a lot of ductwork in the attic to get you the air you want. It is good to have yearly inspections to ensure that there are no leaks.


Your shower sees a lot of water. One idea to save would be to try and limit the amount of water it sees. Taking a long hot shower is always a treat on a cold day, but it will cost you. At the same time, it may take some getting used to cutting the showers a little shorter for all those living in the household. You will see it reflected once the bill comes. If you are unwilling to give up your shower time, maybe investigate getting a low-flow showerhead. The high shower has created a list of the top low flow showerheads. One must match the look you are trying to pull off in your bathroom. Using one of these will help decrease the amount of water by forty percent or even more if you combine it with shortening your shower.


Appliances are another place we should be checking for leaks. A leak with one of these could cost you more than just a higher water or electric bill. And faucets or pipes would fall into the category as well. When it comes time to replace, your option will be more energy-efficient, so replacing sooner rather than later is good. Another idea is to set the settings for cold water over hot. Washing on cold will save you when they don’t have to heat the water. Also, make sure that you are washing a full dishwasher each time. And the same goes with clothes, don’t do small loads.

Minor changes can make all the difference. Take care of the maintenance of your home and the appliances within it. Then, when the mail comes you will appreciate it.