Upgrading a home to sell it is one idea. Upgrading a home, you plan to stay in should include things you will enjoy. That way, you can enjoy it and add value if you ever choose to sell it. One of those upgrades that you can enjoy is a deck or patio. Now you have to decide which one is right for your property. There are many things you need to consider. It is not a decision that should be made on a whim. Make an informed choice.


Looking only at the cost of it, patios are the cheaper option. Patios are being put straight on the ground, making them less expensive. The only time this would be more expensive than a deck would be if the land is unsuitable. If dirt work like leveling of the foundation is needed, it will exceed the amount of a deck. With fairly level ground, you will be saving money putting a patio in. Decks will usually cost more in the initial investment to purchase the supplies. Also, wood does not last as long as brick or cement. This means there is maintenance to keep a deck in tip-top shape. And an expiration date, where you will have to redo the whole thing.


Like the cost, you want to make sure that it is worth it. Is the value added to your home going to be more or less than the expense to build it? Looking strictly at which one will raise and retain its value, the patio is the one to pick. It usually has a resale value of around one hundred percent. Decks, on the other hand, are not as successful. While you may love looking at them, the resale value is only around seventy-five percent. Value is something you always need to consider. Especially if you are planning on selling in the near future. Spending large sums of money on your house should always be done with a plan of a return.


Money is the most prominent consideration when adding to a home, but it also needs to look good. The type of home you have needs to be examined. Will it look better with a deck or patio? Should you have a metal cover built, or would large table umbrellas suit the area? If these are hard for you to visualize, get some second opinions. Talking to a contractor is another good option. They have built patios and decks for many different styles of homes. They can give you the advice that you need. The value may not be the same if you end up with an ill-fitting patio or deck. One that looks like it doesn’t belong will detract and ward off future buyers. If the goal is to love it and benefit from it in the future, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing.

Getting an outside space is a great way to love your home and its financial gains.