Living in a home and looking at the same thing on the wall year after year gets old. It needs to be freshened up. The only issue with this is that it takes money that we do not always want to spend. But, there are always ways around this. Decorate on a budget and get a new look for less. Check out these strategies to get the job done.


Are you a collector of anything? Place them somewhere that you can see every day. Be proud of what you like and display it. When it comes to collections, they usually take time and money. Use them to show off what you are interested in. Get creative on how you display. Hang them on a wall, or maybe you need shelves to hold your treasures. If you have a vast collection, it would be good to rotate the items. You do not want to have your decor cluttering your living space.  Either way, your collections can be the centerpiece of your home and a great conversation starter. Show off what interests you. Don’t hide them away.

Color Change

Do you have an accent wall in your living space? This is your reminder to add one. A can of paint is not going to break the bank. Pick a wall and color and get painting. Changing the color of a wall or all your walls will make a huge difference. Your decorations can all stay, just change the canvas they are on, and it will be like a brand-new room. The most significant sacrifice for this makeover is your time. It can be time-consuming to set up and paint a wall. But you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

Move It Around

It is not always changing what you are sitting on, but where it is. Freshen up your space by moving things around. It will all look different without having to spend a dime. Switch couches and chairs into different rooms. You may find that your favorite chair has been hiding in an extra room.  Move some frames or other decorations around. It will become addicting trying to find the perfect location for all your items.

Go Big

Do you have some blank spaces that need something? Go big. Get a large piece to fill the area instead of many smaller items. It may seem expensive but will probably be cheaper and buying many less costly components. It will also be less time-consuming. Creating a gallery wall looks great in pictures, but there is a lot of trial and error. First, you have to find the right arrangement and measure the many placements on your wall. It is the worst to put more holes in your walls than needed. It is a lot of work and creates more when it’s time to putty and paint again. Then, with one piece, you are ready to go, set your nail, and hang your artwork.

Without spending much, you can change that some won’t even recognize your home.