We love the way our house is. We each set up our home in a way that is functional for us. What looks good to us and works for us is not always the same for others. This is not an issue until you are trying to sell your home. You want potential buyers to walk in a see a house that could work for their needs, not what works for you. Any good realtor will give you tips on setting up your home before pictures out tours begin. Appearance, unfortunately, is everything when it comes to selling a home. Take a look at these top staging ideas and impress all those that come through your door.

To Little Furniture

One of the first things that come to mind when staging a home is to declutter and remove everything you can to make spaces look clean and large. But what happens if you get too carried away? If you want into a big living room and all you see is a tiny TV stand and a couch, you have gone too far. Now a potential buyer sees an empty space that feels cold instead of an inviting place you want to come lounge and relax in. Find the balance. An area that has enough furniture to fill the space but leaves something to the imagination.


It is easy to rationalize that the new buyers will want to redo the paint, so you have no reason to. This is the wrong thought process. While every room may not need a fresh coat, the high traffic areas will. A good idea whenever you paint it to keep some extra in the garage for touch ups. Pull it out and get to work. Make sure that no dings or chipped areas are visible. Seeing lovely clean walls will help buyers envision their future there. With messy walls, many will not be able to get past it and will be lost looking at all the minor cosmetic issues.


Do you have a green thumb? You may want to fake it for a while and give it a try for the sake of selling your home. Plants remind people of life and set off the neutral colors in a room. Adding life and color to your space is always appealing. Do not go overboard with the plants. A few centerpieces or using them as decoration on the shelf will do the trick. You only have to keep them alive long enough to sell.


Just like the chipped paint, if your home is a mess, that is all that they will see. Clean and scrub on the places you skip on your daily wipe-downs. Selling your home is a time when people will be looking at all the areas of your home that you hide from visitors. A clean home will keep them focusing on the significant parts instead of the mess.

Impress everyone with your staging skills.