One of the easiest places that random stuff piles up in your house is in the garage. Items no longer needed mixed in with holiday decorations mixed in with car repair parts and tools can become a maelstrom of chaos. It’s time to get your garage in order by following along with these few simple ideas to get the ball rolling. Your garage can be picture perfect and organized if you take the time to do so.


Planning Ahead

Take a look around at your garage and find out what items you need storage for. Pay attention to certain themes and categories and come up with a plan for where it’s all going to live. Keep all your decorations in one space, invest in a way to store your tools and keep them all together, and you’ll be ready to go and organized in no time. By planning ahead and mapping out where everything is going to live, the next steps will be easy to accomplish.


Holiday Storage

Once you figure out where your holiday storage is going to live invest in some bins or matching boxes to keep everything in one organized place. Clearly label the outside of your bins and stick to those labels when you are dumping things inside. Don’t take up bin space for larger items like wreaths and large lawn decorations, utilize wall hanging space for wreaths and top shelf storage for larger bulkier items. You will only be accessing your holiday items once a year, so they do not have to be easily accessible in your garage.


Tools and Car Supplies

Investing in a shelving unit or a closet organization styled chest for your tools will keep everything in one neat desirable space. Everything can live in there and it will be easy to find the exact one you need at a moment’s notice. Especially if you get a cabinet or chest with doors, you can keep everything hidden and locked away which will make your garage look less like an eyesore.



A lot of garages hold random items that have one specific use and people are holding out for the day they need that particular item. Learn to let go of the random things that do not serve an everyday purpose in your household. Odd boxes that are folded up, pieces of Styrofoam, and other items that you cannot immediately find use for should be discarded to keep your garage clutter free. By getting rid of unwanted waste, you will keep your garage organized and neat looking and it will be easier to navigate the more useful items.


Getting your garage organized will help keep the rest of your house neat and organized. By utilizing space smartly and getting rid of unnecessary items, you’ll be able to find any item you need in your garage in no time. By following along on some of these tips and tricks, you won’t be embarrassed to have people see inside your garage.