As we venture in to the second half of 2021, it’s time to start looking forward to next year’s design trends. What can we expect from the interior design industry? Has the pandemic influenced what will be popular? Here are a few trends you can look forward to.

Home Garden

You’ve likely seen this trend popping up already. But a home garden is one of 2022’s most popular trend. No, we’re not talking about an outdoor garden, we’re talking about an indoor plant collection that would impress anyone who laid eyes on it. The pandemic has influenced this trend tremendously. When people were confined to their homes, a desire to bring more ‘outside’ in emerged. Plants have become both a hobby and a way to increase feelings of comfort in a space.

Combined and Private Spaces

Another trend influenced by the pandemic is the need for combined and private spaces. What does this mean? Think of an open concept space. Upcoming trends will attempt to maintain the light and airy feeling of open concept while still defining and separating each space. This will help take advantage of spaces that aren’t living up to their full potential. Think about it this way: during the pandemic, your home became much more than your home. It served many other functions such as your gym and your office. This trend focuses on functionality and helping you create spaces in your home that meet all of your needs.


The minimalism trend was influenced by the pandemic as well. As a result of spending so much time indoors, many took it upon themselves to purge their homes of unnecessary items. Surrounding yourself with clutter increases feelings of discomfort and anxiety.

Natural Colors

The natural colors trend was also influenced by the pandemic. The integration of earthy tones became increasingly popular in 2021. Because paint colors are one of the easiest way to set the tone of a room, many used it as a way to combat the stress of the pandemic. They began to transform their homes into soothing, comfortable spaces. Particularly, beige, (in both warm and cool tones) will be one of the trendiest colors of 2022.

Rounded Shapes

Rounded shapes are going to be everywhere in 2022. While arches are currently a popular design feature, next year will take this trend beyond doorways. An article written by states, “Pay attention to tables, lamps, poufs and sofas – almost all designer furniture loses right angles, they are rounded. Even the chairs and stools have a softened body, rather than a rigid, straight structure. In the mass market, you can also find a reflection of the trend: chairs and coffee tables, vases and candlesticks. In architectural terms, arched forms are relevant. We are not talking about doorways as such, but about niches, large wall mirrors – large elements.”

It’s interesting to see how much the pandemic has and will impact interior design elements. Regardless, these upcoming trends are worth getting excited for.