We all love looking through interior design magazines and watching home renovation shows, getting inspiration for our own versions of home sweet home.  While we don’t all have the budget of a big tv or magazine production, there are ways to achieve the same look for way less in your life.  Here are a few ways to get your dream home without breaking the bank.


Inspiration Photo

When you look at a photo or a room, decide what you like about it the best.  Is it the color palate, the textures used, or is there a piece of furniture your eye is drawn to?  Find that one element that gets you excited and focus on that.  This will be your main focus that you build your room around.  This is also a good place to turn your budget to.  Nail that one element that you enjoy the most and everything else will fall into place around it.


Everything Else

Once you hit the mark on your main element, prioritize the rest of your inspiration.  Where else would you like to spend money versus what can you find for cheaper?  There are so many budget friendly options for décor and design, and you can probably even find a good DIY project or two that will make your bank account sing with happiness.


Where to Look?

Bargain hunters are your best friends.  Try looking for estate sales in your area or unique vintage furniture stores.  Even a flea market, local Home Goods store or Amazon will have cost efficient pieces that will draw a room together.  Don’t be afraid to utilize these resources, you don’t have to tell anyone where you got them, but also feel free to brag about your deals and steals.  You might inspire someone else to look in unconventional places for décor.  Most high-end stores are expensive because you are paying for the convivence of a one-stop shop.  So don’t be nervous or afraid looking around and curate your own work of art.


Signature Touch

The best part of any design project is putting your signature touch on it.  Think about something you can add to the space that makes it uniquely yours.  Whether it is a collection of your favorite travel photos or a stack of books that speaks to you, find something that puts your stamp there.  What makes designing a space so rewarding is finding an interesting way to display what makes you tick.  Take some risks and chances are you’ll surprise yourself.


Getting the designer look for less doesn’t need to break the bank or cause undue stress.  By focusing your efforts where they matter and letting everything else fall into place, you will be designing the home of your dreams on a dime in no time.