Making changes to your home’s design and décor can be a fun project when you know what you want. If you aren’t sure what direction you want to go in or what your design style is, it can be a nightmare. In order to avoid the turmoil that comes from indecision, here are a few places you can look to for design inspiration.

Look to Nature

Mother Nature has done a pretty great job at coming up with beautiful color palettes. Don’t believe it? Take one look at a sunset, or autumn leaves and you’ll find some incredible inspiration. If you’re looking for ideas for a soothing space, find a spot in nature where you feel relaxed and happy. Look around and take note of colors that stand out to you and try basing a color palette off that. The earth has been displaying amazing color combinations since the beginning of time. They’re easy to find if you look!


If you have no idea where to start in design process, check out wallpaper. This feature is in such high demand right now. It’s easy to find inspiration from the colors, designs, and themes of trendy wallpaper. If you’re unsure where to look, use a small businesses like or to narrow down your ‘likes’. Scroll through their products and take note of anything that catches your eye. Continue to narrow down colors, themes (farmhouse, boho, modern, retro, etc.), and designs. Maybe you want to incorporate a lot of abstract, floral, or geometric elements. Looking at what’s on trend will help you make choices that are both beautiful and relevant. Once you’ve narrowed down what you like, put your own twist on things to personalize your space.


Do you have a favorite style of art? Do you prefer landscapes over portraits? Abstract art over traditional? Google your favorite type of art or even your favorite artists. Take inspiration from the colors they use in their paintings or photographs. Artists generally have a way of using a color palette that makes each piece look cohesive. Use their talent for coordinating colors to make your selections easier. Not only will you have a beautiful array of color options, you can use your favorite art pieces to adorn your walls. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Other Designers

Find other designers that resonate with both you and your aesthetic. Search Instagram, check out interior design magazines, and watch a bit of HGTV to find designers you love. You never know when the work of another brilliant professional will inspire greatness within your project. Don’t be afraid to draw upon the ideas of people you admire.

You can find inspiration in a myriad of places. If you take a look around your life, you’ll find elements of beauty everywhere. Inspiration can come from unlikely sources. Flex your creative muscles and think outside the box.