Wallpaper is making a major comeback in the world of interior design. Dramatic feature walls and eclectic designs are all the rage. From murals, florals, abstract designs and animals, geometric patterns and more, modern day wallpaper is a trend that’s here to stay.

The Old Days

Many people hear the word ‘wallpaper’ and are instantly transported back in time to their grandparent’s home. Maybe you have fond memories of the mass amounts of wallpaper and maybe you don’t. It’s a trend that used to be associated with outdated décor choices. However, that notion has definitely changed in the last couple years. Warren Shoulberg, a writer for businessofhome.com does an excellent job at explaining more about the history of wallpaper. He writes, “Back then, virtually every vertical surface (and some horizontal ones too) were covered with paper—the more outrageous, the better. From subtle prints and patterns to large-scale scenic and wildly colored designs, wallpaper was everywhere.”

As with all trends, they eventually go out of style. Ultimately, this décor choice was losing its popularity. The above mentioned article goes on to say, “In the second half of the 20th century, wallpaper began to recede in residential design, replaced largely by paint, but also by paneling or ever-bigger windows (and televisions) that reduced the size of interior walls. It was estimated that the wallpaper and coverings industry lost more than half its sales.”


High maintenance wallpaper was never going to make a comeback. Manufacturers knew this. They decided to streamline the application process in order to make wallpaper easier to install. In addition, they developed reusable peel and stick options as well. This application method not only simplifies the process completely, it also increases the number of people who can utilize the product. Renters now have the option to customize their spaces. They can easily remove their wallpaper when it’s time to move and don’t have to worry about the product damaging walls or peeling off paint. While purchasing wallpaper may be a large initial cost, you’re now able to reuse it in a different space after removing it from a wall. The ability to reuse the materials makes it a great investment.

Modern Design

Trends are very cyclical. The great thing about wallpaper coming back into style is that people are creating so many exciting new patterns. There is such a wide range of styles to choose from it is almost impossible not to find something that fits your aesthetic. Popular styles in 2021 include tropical designs, murals, abstract designs, natural textures, geometric patterns, botanical prints, Victorian florals, and animal prints. With so many options, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect wallpaper to incorporate in your home.


Wallpaper is a low risk, high design trend you have to try. If you don’t like it, it’s easy to take down or update in a couple years. Go bold in your choice and watch how quickly this product completely transforms your space.