It’s safe to say that all the extra time we’ve spent in our homes during the last year has resulted in an uptick in home renovations and interior design work. Now more than ever, people are fine tuning their homes to create beautiful, comfortable spaces. These changes are reflected in the top interior trends for the year 2021.


Picture a beautiful cottage in the countryside. Do you have a mental image? That pretty much sums of the décor style dubbed ‘cottagecore’. It combines simple, beautiful, nostalgic, and romantic elements that come together to create something out of a storybook. Think warm, slightly rustic, simple, English-inspired design. Add greenery and bits of glamour to this aesthetic to elevate your cottagecore space into the perfect, stylish retreat.


Maximalism involves the beautiful combination of dark floral prints, stained wood tones, and personalized art. Jennifer Ebert, a writer for states, “After a decade of minimalism we love the inventive return of highly decorative and personal interiors. We are evolving our homes as spaces to be fulfilling, memorable and cabinets of curiosities. Homeowners are styling their interiors to tell a story, layering old with new to create exciting interior stories. Every piece in their home makes a statement either through the silhouette, fabric choice, colour or unique backstory.” Maximalism is all about ‘doing the most’ in terms of design. It tells a vibrant story in both color and décor.

Home Office

It’s no surprise that creating a beautiful home office would be on the trend list for 2021. At the beginning of the pandemic, most people were forced to throw together a quick work from home situation in a very short amount of time. Now, a year on, we’re still not sure how long people will continue to work from home. This uncertainty has led to the prioritization of developing a permanent, dedicated home office space.

Warm Colors

Warm tones and colors are perfect if you want to add elements of coziness to your home. This can be accomplished though paint as well as furniture and décor pieces. These colors will keep your home feeling inviting in both summer and winter months.


There has been a huge resurgence in the demand for refinished, salvaged, retro and vintage pieces of furniture. You can find a lot of high quality, older pieces for good prices. Thrifting pieces for your home in order to revamp them has become a fun hobby for lots of DIYers. Keep in mind that a well- curated vintage inspired space will take time to put together. Don’t rush the creative process when it comes to design.


The emerging trends of 2021 offer a unique look at how people want to decorate when spending the majority of their time at home. It seems the overwhelming themes involve simple comforts and details that tell a story. More than anything, people want their homes to reflect them while also offering peace from the outside world.