Taking on a home can be a lot of work – from the cleaning to the repairs, it can take up a lot of your time if you aren’t properly prepared.  Make your home sweet home easier to care for by getting organized and take the guesswork out of maintenance.  Here are just a few ways to make maintenance a breeze.


Utilize Technology

Set reminders on your phone for important routine maintenance.  Anything from changing the air filters, to making a mortgage payment – have someone else do the remembering for you.  You could even schedule it all on the same day to take care of everything in one swoop.  You’ll never forget something small that could make or break your home later down the line.  Make the most of technology and have them keep track of all the tedious tasks.


Manuals and Home Documents

Right from the get-go, keep all house documents and manuals in one organized place.  Everything from mortgage information to refrigerator manuals, this will be your one stop for all things that have to deal with your home.  You’ll never be rummaging around endless drawers looking for the microwave manual to reset the clock anymore.  This would also be a great place to keep a list of contractors and outside work vendors in one place.  You could make a section for all service records and repairs done on your home, so you’ll never be lost.  Take it a step further by keeping all home paint colors here so you never question what shade of white the walls are in your kitchen.

home maint organize

At Home Handyman

Make sure you have at least a basic toolbox at the ready for small repairs and fixes.  Keep all your tools in the same place – this means returning them after you are finished with them.  Avoid the agony of that one missing flat-head screwdriver that is in some drawer, somewhere.  Upgrade your toolbox as you add more gadgets to your arsenal, it will always be growing as you take on more improvements.


Know Your Limits

It’s important to be realistic about what repairs and maintenance you can take on yourself, versus what might be better suited for outside help.  If you don’t have a green thumb or like spending time outdoors, best to hire a gardener or lawn care specialist to tackle those unruly weeds and shrubs.  Maybe an electrician can save you a lot of headache when hanging a new chandelier.  You can always try it yourself first, but don’t be afraid of paying someone else to make your life and your home a little easier.  It will take a lot of the frustration away and you’ll be more inclined to keep trying other improvements, instead of swearing them off all together.

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Home ownership can be challenging in of itself.  Take a little of the pressure off by getting organized and sticking to good practices when dealing with home maintenance.