power tools

If you’re interested in taking on some home renovation projects yourself, you’re going to need a few tools. The best option when working with a budget is to invest in products that serve multiple purposes. To help you start creating new spaces, here are some tools you should consider purchasing.

Mitre Saw

A mitre saw is a must have tool. It’s essential for completing a number of projects. An article written for yorksaw.com states, “These electric saws are exceptionally versatile tools. Beginners find that powered miter saws make far more accurate cuts for miters, bevels and compound angles. They’re easily set at standard angles like 22 ½, 45 and 90 degrees, but they can be adjusted for every angle in between. That includes left and right cuts.” This means that you can make cuts for trim, baseboards, accent walls, flooring, moldings, etc. easily and efficiently. This tool is definitely worth the investment.

Nail Gun

Nail Gun

A nail gun (also known as a brad nailer) is tool you could use with almost any project. It provides an easy way for you to create an accent wall, hang shiplap, add trim to your windows/doors, install baseboards, etc. It’s a convenient way to nail things into place because it won’t split your wood and it leaves behind very tiny holes. This makes it easier to fill in nail holes and create a beautiful finished product.

Drill/ Driver

If you want to be able to quickly and efficiently build things, you need a drill. It can help you assemble furniture quickly as well as build things on your own (cabinets, bed frames, etc.) To keep your builds anchored to the wall, you’ll need a drill to screw them into the studs of your walls. This is a tool is one that will get a lot of use.


A jigsaw is able to cut virtually anything you can’t cut in a mitre saw. It’s great for cutting all types of woods and their varying thicknesses. However, it’s special because it can easily cut circles and curves. Additionally, it has different blades that allow you cut other materials such as drywall, fiberglass and steel.



For a professional finish on a project, you’ll need a sander (preferably cordless). This will help you perfect the surfaces of any wood you’re working with. You’ll need to sand wood before you paint, stain or apply polyurethane. Use it to help you complete projects like refinishing furniture or wood accent walls.

Multi Tool

An oscillating multi-tool is another one that can be useful for a large number of projects. Use it to cut through drywall, trim down the bottom of a door frame, or pop tile off a wall. It’s an incredibly functional tool that will help make your projects easier.


While you may need to add additional tools to your arsenal as you go, the above mentioned tools should be enough to get you through your beginner projects.