Being a homeowner comes with many responsibilities. When something goes wrong or needs to be fixed it is all on you. This can be the best and worst feeling. It is excellent that you get to make your own choices and do things your way. On the downside, you are the one to blame. There is not a safety net to catch you. If landscaping is the last thing you want to deal with, check out some easy ideas to keep you doing anything else.

Fake Grass

There is nothing better than laying on some freshly cut green grass. To do this means that you need to make sure you have healthy grass. Watering and planting at the correct times to avoid any dead spots that seem always to appear. Also, there is a lot of cutting and trimming to keep it at its peak. While fake grass may not be as comfortable to lay on, it always looks great. There is no water needed, and it never gets dead spots. Once installed, all it needs is a little spray down every once and a while. It is worth the investment to never had to cut grass on the weekends.

Native Plants

Decorating your yard with the plants you enjoy is a lovely idea. However, when looking at your options, it is a good idea to first look for plants that are native to your area. Plants will do better and be less maintenance if they are meant to be growing where you live. This is something all the magazines forget to mention when publishing all their beautiful homes. How hard is it to keep the house looking like it does? Another benefit to native plants is they often take less water, and they will be able to survive well on their own. Meaning you will have a lot more time to do the things that you enjoy.


It may seem easy just to throw out some decorative rocks and call it done. And that may work until a bit of rain happens and the weeds start coming through. Putting in a little extra work in the beginning, will save you later on. Invest in a sound weed barrier that you will put down before your rock. Now the weeds will have a more challenging time coming up and ruining your beautiful landscape. Anywhere you are not planting, use a weed barrier. It will save your back when you do not have to spend time bending to pull on the weeds.

No Plants

The most straightforward maintenance-free idea is to have no plant life at all. Instead, use pavers and rocks to make something aesthetically pleasing. Who said you need green? Now you have nothing to water or cut. All you will have to do is sweep and blow off any stray leaves from the neighbors. This isn’t for everyone. But, for those that want to never worry about it, it is the best option.

Be lazy and take advantage of mess-free landscaping.